Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014  
  October 2014, Kandy- CEJ recognised thirteen environmental and social rights defenders who served many years during the Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014.Former vice president of the International Court of Justice,  
Coastal protection    
Sri Lanka has over 1600 kilometer long coastal belt. However this coastal belt is under heavy population pressure. Coastal communities as well as the hotel industry, tourism, shrimp farming. harbor development and sand mining have destroyed the Coastal belt.

300 meters to the land side and 2 kilometers to the sea comes under the jurisdiction of the Coast Conservation Department. 

With the heavy damage due to Tsunami, Government declared a 200 meter buffer zone in the North and Eastern province and 100 meter buffer zone in other coastal areas. But this was under heavy political pressure. CEJ filed legal action to seek legal support for this coastal belt. 

As a result CCD gazetted the Coastal management plan declaring these coastal belt.
  say yes to 100 meter
  Coastal case withdrawn
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