Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014  
  October 2014, Kandy- CEJ recognised thirteen environmental and social rights defenders who served many years during the Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014.Former vice president of the International Court of Justice,  
Elephant killing    
Elephants in Sri Lanka is a sign of rich biodiversity in this small island. Once they roam around the entire country. Developement locked them into few National parks.

It is estimated that only around 3500 wild elephants live today. 150-200 elephants annually die due to human-elephant conflict. We also loose many human lives in this struggle.

Loss of habitat, nature-insensitive developement, civil war, Human-elephant conflict, poarching, train and electricity transmission line related accidents, are some reasons.
We also have large number of domesticated elephants. Many temples own these wild jumbos
  Sri Lanka Wildlife Policy  
  Sri Lanka- Elephant conservation
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