Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014  
  October 2014, Kandy- CEJ recognised thirteen environmental and social rights defenders who served many years during the Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014.Former vice president of the International Court of Justice,  
justice online   HopEN[D]hagen
Environmental Law Education   Can We expect Climate Justice in Copenhagen?
Coal, renewables and the CO2 meter   Recycling water policies
Proposed Garbage dumping in Waga   Is the Wild Life Department protecting it’s property or giving it away? - by Kamini Vitarana
Get them out of Our Planet - by Dilena Pathragoda   Biofuel and the Food Crisis - by Hemantha Withanage
Climate Change and Environmental Governance- by Hemantha Withanage   The G8, Environment and Climate Change- by Hemantha Withanage
Environment Conservation Levy and Climate Adaptation        
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