Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014  
  October 2014, Kandy- CEJ recognised thirteen environmental and social rights defenders who served many years during the Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014.Former vice president of the International Court of Justice,  
History of World Environment Day  

History of World Environmental Day Celebration of Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ)



World Environment Day is an annual event that aims at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. Each day is an environmental day but particularly United Nations marked every year June 5th as World Environment Day to influence everyone to think about the environment that they live and protect it.
World Environment Day celebration began in 1972 and has become main vehicles through which the UN worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. Every year around 100 countries celebrate world environment day including Sri Lanka.


Centre for Environmental Justice aims to bring justice to all. Even with a small action. Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) is one of the most pioneer environmental organizations in the country. Throughout the last years, CEJ has given training on Environmental Impact Assessments, conducted projects related to forests, chemicals, water and etc. and research related to kidney diseases, chemicals, and forests. CEJ has also taken legal actions for many environmental and health issues in the country such as Wilpaththu court case, Rathupaswala court case, and so on.

Most of the projects that we have conducted related to forests are community projects which enable rural community to come into the decision making table. Plus, during our projects, CEJ also tries to fill up the information gap between CEJ and the communities. Although there are televisions, radios, printed media, and other media for communication, according to our experience, people get more information and knowledge through face-to-face discussions and awareness programs. Most of the time, these meetings are like knowledge sharing meetings.

  • Educational and marketing exhibition

As it was mentioned, the exhibition will focus on different topics. Most of the government organizations such as Department of Forest Conservation, Wild Life Department, Agricultural Department, Ministry of Health, Govijana Seva and other relevant agencies participated in our previous exhibitions. In fact, we expect their participation this year as well. Apart from that, we would also request some other organizations and civil societies to exhibit their projects, programs, or research findings related to different topics. Extreme use of agro-chemicals causes various environmental and health issues in the country. Thus, bringing the concept of minimum or no use of agro chemicals also one of the key elements of the exhibition.

Apart from educational exhibition, there will be marketing stalls. Basically the idea of having marketing stalls is to promote the self-employers and small-scale businessman. Moreover, this would create opportunities for these self-employers to make some links between other organizations and promote their products. In addition to that, stalls of self-employers would motivate other people in the area to enroll in these kinds of activities.

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