Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014  
  October 2014, Kandy- CEJ recognised thirteen environmental and social rights defenders who served many years during the Environmental and Social Justice Award 2014.Former vice president of the International Court of Justice,  
Centre for Environmental Justice programees are based on Science, Law and Advocacy. We provide free legal aid to be affected marginalised communities to protect their environmental rights. We also educate citizens on environmental issues. Science and environmnetal education and research are major areas of our work.

Centre for Environmental Justice promotes environmental justice and equity. We engage in campaigns on Water Rights, Anti GMOs, Environmental Justice and Good Governance, Anti Incineration, Energy and Climate change, protection of natural environment and sustainable livelihood.
Lead levels in enamel paint in Sri Lanka – Two years after the regulation    
This research was funded by the EuropeanUnion under the Asian Lead Paint Elimination project of IPEN. The Asian Lead Paint Elimination Project is being implemented by IPEN over a period of three years in seven countries (Bangladesh,    
India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) with funding from the European Union (EU) totalling €1.4 million. While this publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union, the contents of the publication are the sole responsibility of Centre for Environmental Justice together with IPEN, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.    
Improving Environmental Justice for the Rural Poor in Sri Lanka   Training of Civil Society organization on climate impacts

CEJ is engage in a project to improve environmnetal Justice for the rual communities in Sri Lanka in partnership with the IUCN Sri Lanka. This project is financed by the DFID through IUCN Sri Lanka. Centre for Environmental Justice is working with the local communities in Kotabowa


The project will educate CSOs on climate impacts, Mobilize CSOs to work with vulnerable communities and conduct a research on most vulnerable communities and their potential to face climate disasters and project ideas that can be developed to face the future climate impacts.

area near Nilgala forest and Poeple living around Periyakalapu in Thirrukkovil.
Public Interest Law Foundation is working with local Communities aroound Puttalam Lagoon and Peak Wilderness area


The project will result adequate awareness among the Civil Society Organization to educate own communities on how to be ready with the future climate disasters and how to react when a climate disaster happens. It will result informal education of the communities by organizing smaller workshops and informing the membership of the community based organizations. It will also find public opinion on possibilities for adapting to future changes and consider, identify or initiate projects to face future climate impacts.

The activites have been supported by the KOREA GREEN FOUNDATION for a one year period.

Environmental Litigation   Legal Aid
We involve in direct legal actions on environmental destructions. Cases on dune sand mining, Greenbelt restoration and GM food labeling are some cases filed in the Court of Appeal.   CEJ assists affected people to find the legal remedies for their environmental problems.
Policy Advocacy   Policy Advocacy
We advocate government agencies to produce environmentally sound legislation and fight for Environmental Good Governance.We monitor the environmental problems and environmental situation in the country. We advocate the relevant agencies to stop and mitigate   We assist people to resolve their environmental problems through Environmental Mediation.A well trained panel of Environmental Mediators are involved in this work.
environmental problems. We advocate sustainable natural resource management.    
Environmental Education   Citizen's Science Programme
We educate public on environment, Multilateral Banks and Export Credit Agencies. We also educate public on multinational corporation global institutions, their policies, impact on globalization and privatization. We organize workshops and seminars to educate the public on the Impact of water privatization, GMO, Persistent   Our Environmental Scientists assist public to measure environmental pollution levels. If your problem is water pollution we can test the water quality. We advis the public how to obtain these facilities. We also assist the public to understand the environmental situation in their neighbourhoods.
Organic Pollutants or any other local or global environmental problems.    
Monitoring Global institutions   SACOSAN IV
We monitor the policies programs and projects of the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Japanese Bank for International Corporation WTO and other Export Credit agencies. We share this information with the public by different means.   4th South Asian Conference on Sanitation will be held in April 4-8 in Hotel Cinnamon Grand. Civil Society Conference on Sanitation will be held from 1-2 April 2011.
This New Year Buy lead free paint    
Lead is a deadly heavy metal. Decorative paints contain leaded raw material. Now unleaded paint is available in the market.    
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