SC FR 137/2017 – Athwelthota Mini Hydro Power Plant

Centre For Environmental Justice vs Sustainable Authority & 16 others.


Athwelthota Mini hydro project- mini hydro power project in Palan Ganga in a globally and nationally important biological hotspot located in Morapitiya – Athwelthota at Palindanuwara without a proper assessment been conducted as to the detrimental environmental and ecological impact and threat to the point endemic fish species found in the location and by environmental and ecological impact of implementation of such a project in the said area. This is the habitat for 2 point endemic fish species and 15 endangered species. We have informed in writing to several authorities regarding this issue but unfortunately it was not stopped. Finally CEJ decided to file the court case. he Supreme Court directed the petitioners to make a technical observation report in respect in this case on the current situation near the Athwelthota waterfall in Palindanuwara Divisional Secretariat after the deadly landslide happened in the area on 26th May 2017. Centre for Environmental Justice made their  observations and already filed by registry with the motion on 20th of June. Move for date for support on 9th of September. After hearing the facts of the all parties, court decided to confute the case.

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