SC FR 57/2017 – Common Mini Hydro Power Case

Centre For Environmental Justice & 4 others vs Sustainable Authority & 16 others.

Fundamental right case on mini hydro power projects CEJ filed this case as a common mini Hydro case in Supreme Court on 13th of March 2017. We nominated seventeenth government parties as the respondents in this matter. 3rd to 5th Petitioners are residing in said locations have been adversely affected by the construction of Mini-Hydro Power Plants at Marukanda (Kuru Ganga), Athwelthota and Mandaramnuwara respectively without a proper assessment of the socio environmental impact of such projects. The 3rd to 5th Petitioners are using water of the said respective streams for their day to day needs. The Petitioners state that a Mini-Hydro Power Plant is constructed by building a weir across a small stream and using the hydropower harnessed as such for generation of electricity. Courts Directs the Petitioner to support this matter with Notice to the all respondents on 22.03.2017. On that day Attorney General’s department appear on behalf of the 1st 2nd 3rd 7th and 17th respondents. State counselor stated to the court there was no any instruction for the other respondents. The Court then directed the petitioners to reissue the notices on other respondents. Case will be called for support on 14th of November 2017.

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