Mirijjawila Industrial zone

In 1999, the BOI established an industrial park on a 8.7 ha land at Mirijjawila, Hambanthota which comprises 3 commercial enterprises. During this period UDA was also in the process of developing 160 ha of land about 200m away from this industrial park for industrial development. Discussions held with BOI, UDA and MASL who are the owners of the said lands resulted in vesting this 160 ha with the BOI in addition to the 59 ha located in between the two lands and therefore making the total land to 228 ha.

The objective of the proposed project is to enhance the investments in industrial sector to boost the economy of the southern region of the country by taking the competitive advantage of being located at close proximity to the Seaport and Airport in Hambanthota.

Download the EIA documents and the annex here.

1.Sinhala Version – EIA Report (Download PDF)
2.English Version – EIA Report (Download PDF)
3.Tamil Version – EIA Report (Download PDF)
4.Common Annex (Download PDF)
5.English Annex (Download PDF)

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