Elevated Highway from New Kelani Bridge to Rajagiriya with a Link to Baseline Road

I. Most of the economic and administrative institutes of Sri Lanka are located within Colombo city limits, thus a significant number of people come to Colombo daily to fulfil their commercial and administrative requirements. With opening of Southern Expressway (SE),
Colombo – Katunayake Expressway (CKE) and Outer Circular Highway (OCH) and proposed new bridge across Kelani River it is expected that the influx of vehicles in to Colombo city limits will increase. At present the road network within Colombo city limits are heavily congested and may not be able to cater the increased traffic. With some of the administrative complexes shifting to Battaramulla the administrative capital of the country, it is expected that the roads towards Battaramulla will also be heavily congested.

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