Campaign Against Killing Elephants using Hakka Patas

Centre for Environmental Justice initiated an awareness campaign to educate people in the elephant habitats in the dry zone the danger of Hakka Patas, a bomb that use to blast the elephant mouth. In most cases elephants are the victim or Hakka Patas which target the wild-bore or Samba Deer. Among the 300 plus annul elephant deaths more than 50 die from Hakka patas bomb.

In 2019 we have spent 4 weeks and travelled from Kabithigollewa, Gomarankadawala, to Habarana, Madirigiriyaya in one occasion and from Welikanda, Dehiaththakandiya to Manaragala and Balaharuwa to educate communities, children and others.

Department of Wildlife, and the Civil forces helped us reaching the communities with their various assistance.

Read more here Sinhala Brochure

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