CASE UPDATE – Uma Oya case SC/FR/273/15

08/05/2020 – Uma Oya case SC/FR/273/15

This case was filled in the Supreme Court against violation of fundamental rights by the Uma oya multi-purpose project conducted in collaboration with government of Iran. The main objectives of the project are to supply of electricity to the national Grid and to provide water supply for South Eastern dry zone area. More than 7500 houses are already damage and about 20000 families in Bandarawela and Badulla area are suffering from adverse effects of this project. Especially, wells, fountains and water sources are dried up andburst of walls, floors of houses and earth, destruction of entire paddy and farm area are visible due to absence of water resources.Presently, as a result of these damages it has been displaced thousands of people within this area.

As requested by the petitioners, Hon. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ordered the project proponent and the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment to provide water facility to all aggrieved people before 31st of December 2016. However, Uva Provincial Agrarian Department has already valued about 8 million Rupees for selected 1000 farmers.

This matter was called on 29/05/2017 to consider the progress of the crop compensation and water supply and there court directed AG to submit the further progress report. As agreed by the Attorney General Department progress report was filed regarding water scheme, crop compensation, and housing damages on 15th of March 2018 on behalf of the Respondents. Further on 5th March 2020 the court inquired the current issues which people encounter as the results of Uma Oya Project. The issue of not being paid the indemnification for cultivation is raised and the Court ordered to submit a report regarding unpaid compensations for cultivation.(END)

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