CASE UPDATE- Hanthana Housing Scheme Case – CA/Writ/264/19

09/05/2020- Hanthana Housing Scheme case

The National Housing Development Authority launched a Housing Project in 2018 called Hanthana Residencies in Hanthana, where already a Housing Scheme exists. During the previous constructions some of the lands were kept as reservations. The areas which were left vacant were certainly not buildable land as they were steep slopes, and prone to landslides.

The existing scheme has already destroyed some parts of Hanthana but left the natural environment untouched with trees, springs and natural water ways, allowing space for the animals e.g. wild boars, deer, porcupines and about 200 species of birds, in this natural habitat. Under the new project housing Authority is planning to build 145 houses or more in the slopes earlier declared unsuitable for the buildings. About 150 trees are to be felled under this scheme.

The writ application of Hanthana was filed on the 10th July 2019 against the Hanthana Housing Project (Stage 2 & Stage 3) at Kandy which was implemented by the National Housing Development Authority as the project proponent.

Centre for Environmental Justice (Guarantee) Limited, Mr. R.A. Amith Senanayake who is the Secretary of the Hanthana Surekeme Sanwidhanaya, Dr. Lakimini Ilangasinghe, Cecil Kalinga Doolwala, Chandrasiri Yapa are the petitioners.

The National Housing Development Authority, Chairman of National Housing Development Authority, Central Environmental Authority, Chairman of Central Environmental Authority, Urban Development Authority, Chairman of Four Gravest and Gangawatta Korale Pradheshiya Sabha and Attorney General are being appeared as the respondents. Mr. Chrishmal Warnasuriya (Legal Counselor) is appearing for the petitioners. This case was supported with regard to an interim order on 13th February 2020, but it was re-fixed for support on 10th and 12th March 2020. This case is still fixed for support on 23rd March 2021. [END]

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