Save Pelan Ganga for Fish population

This publication was produced in 2017 to communicate with then President and the Prime Minister to save Pelan Ganga a tributary of Kaluganga flowing down from Sinharaja Forest for fish population. Download your copy here

Athwelthota waterfall is home to more than 19 endemic species which at least 2 of them are considered as point endemic. This waterfall will be dammed by a mini hydro developer for generating electricity. Local people and environmental groups are against disastrous project.

In 2017, a landslide occurred just upstream, destroyed 6 houses and killed 9 people. As the mountain range is sliding authorities decided to relocate the families living in this stretch. They also decided no construction should happen in this area.

Despite a Minihydro developer is planning to continue their construction. We request you to oppose this destructive business.

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