CASE UPDATE – Case against elevated highway within Thalangama Environmental Protection Area
CA Writ 97/2021

This was filed on 22nd February 2021 against the Respondents of Road Development Authority, Central Environmental Authority, Urban Development Authority,Secretary of Ministry of Environment and Hon. Attorney General. Petitioners filed this case to...

CASE UPDATE – Case against sand mining in Madampe Area
CA Writ 53/2021

This was filed on 01st February 2021 against heavy sand mining in the Grama Niladhari Divisions of Suduwella, Mugunuwatawana, Mallawagara, Pothuwila, Henepola, Uraliyagara, Sembukattiya, Erunwila and Galmaruwa within the Divisional Secretariat...

CASE UPDATE – Case against destruction of Pollebadda area
CA Writ 70/2021

Uruwarige Vanniyalaaththo and the Centre for Environmental Justice filed this writ application on 05th March 2021 in the Court of Appeal against the mass deforestation that is taking place in the Pollebedda – Mahaoya – Galwalayaya area...

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